The Designer Side

So I mentioned we would talk a little bit about design on this blog since it is my background, so here is your first design post:

Just Painting MatteAs you may or may not know, we moved into a new place about a month ago that is TOTALLY different from our house (which apparently I am still calling mine). A lot of the decor we have doesn’t quite fit (yet, anyway) and the feel of the place is very different. Despite going from a home to an apartment, I feel like the space is much more open and bright (most likely related to large windows and the 9 foot white walls ;). Normally I would balk at white walls and I hated them as a child but to be honest, I am kind of enjoying it. I guess you could say its like having a blank canvas. Which is an excellent segway to my post for this week!

The dining area in our new place looked a bit plain with the giant white wall behind it. Nothing we brought with us really fit the wall well so we decided to commission a new painting for the dining area.  I pinned my little heart out looking for inspiration and after a few days finally found it! Unfortunately, I could not find the original artist- but-thank you-thank you-thank you- whoever you are- for inspiring me.

So how did I made this happen? It was quite simple really, aside from gathering materials, it took me all of about 3 hours total to create- using only these ingredients!

PicMonkey Collage with Words

Yes its true, art doesn’t have to be complicated at all! I literally used materials I had around the house, plus a quick trip to the art store (or even a big box store really) for canvas, acrylic, and a round sponge. It can also be inexpensive! If you plan well, you can easily find a 40-50% off coupon for art stores. I got my canvases for 40% off using a Hobby Lobby coupon.

 To get started, I mixed the white acrylic with some water and brushed both canvases from top to bottom using a regular paint brush we had in our toolbox. Then I used the regular brush again to add in some background color using a touch of  sea-foam green mixed with the white/water mixture, and some Dijon mustard looking yellow mixed with black.

Just painting 1st

Then I studied my Pinterest inspiration for color layering.  To me, it looked like the pink/orange/yellow were more hidden, with an overlay of darker colors, and then the light sea-foam on top- so that was my approach.

Me Matte

For each dot color, I mixed up my palate up on a paper plate and use a red solo cup with about 1/4 cup of water to create the dripping effect. Simply dip your round sponge onto paper plate, then dip it into solo cup, and stamp away!

The best part of this was that it was supposed to be imperfect, and it didn’t matter if I had to remix a color and it didn’t match my first few stamps, it just made it more unique! I chose to add in some teal to match the tiny spots in the rug and our place mats, and you can certainly adjust it to meet your taste as well.

Final Matte{ Final Destination: Dining Area }

So there you have it- the walls still look a little bare, and I still have a lot of decorating to do around our new place, but I think I am off to a good start! Stay tuned…and have a great weekend!