So as I mentioned in my last post, we sold our house! Both hubby and I have been commuting 40+ minutes to work for some time now and have gone back and forth in regards to selling and moving closer to the city over the past few years. This June we finally took the plunge.

Backyard 2

We spent 4 months on the market which is NOT bad at all compared to most home sales, but we did have to drop the price a bit to get someone to put an offer in.

Living Room

Boy was that a long four months. It all started right before I graduated from my internship- through studying for and passing the RD exam- and several job interviews- lots of tiring stuff on top of trying to keep the house in perfect condition in case someone wanted to schedule a showing.


We had planned a long weekend getaway for our anniversary when it happened; an offer! The buyers were ready to move fast which was fine with us, but that is when all the memories came pouring in…

Bedroom 2

Despite fighting traffic to and from work for sometimes many hours at a time, this home has some serious memories.


We built this house from the ground up. Shortly after, we became husband and wife! We learned what real neighbors are all about (and will miss them SO much). We celebrated major holidays, accomplishments, and milestones. Most importantly, we learned how to work as a team. In fact, most of what you see in our home was created and put together by US (even the desks!).


Most of the moving wasn’t terrible emotion-wise, in fact, it came down to the last trip to the house to pick up some odds an ends (um I forgot to pack up the freezer with all my frozen treats in it- hello!!) when I finally broke into tears…I’m going to miss that awesome little house and the all the memories that came with it. If I could pick it all up and move it closer to our jobs I totally would.

Living Room 2

We close officially today (maybe as your reading this?), and as much as I am sad about leaving things I love behind, I am also very excited to start a new chapter. I have wanted to live closer to a city for I don’t know how long, and my commute has become a measly 15 minutes (I don’t even have to get on the highway!).  We also downsized into an apartment, leaving us with even more time that might have been spent on house maintenance and the like.


So as I walk out the front door one last time,  I still can’t believe  we lived in one spot for the past 6 years (after spending all that time moving around in college!) and now have to re-learn how to do the simplest things (re: my massive weekly grocery haul now has a built-in stair climbing cardio session).  I am definitely excited about making new memories in a new town that I get to explore little by little with my hubby.  It will certainly be an adventure, and as always I am up for the challenge 🙂

{2013 and Beyond!}

{2013 and Beyond!}


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