Me at Twenty-Three

So lets start from the beginning…

Baby B

Ok, not they very beginning, but where I started to question my career path:

If I am being honest, it was my senior year in college.

I had always told myself I was not a science person. I avoided challenging science classes in high school and I even managed to avoid my science gen-eds in college (by taking ridiculous courses like weather, which is actually hard and consequently not ridiculous FYI).  It all came down to my last semester in college when I had to take a general biology course in order to graduate.

I dreaded taking this class, but soon realized that I enjoyed it and I was good at it (!), which was even more terrifying. Me + Science? What was that all about? I didn’t think too much on it, and continued on to graduate with my bachelors in Interior Design.

Grad Brit

Post graduation, I was quickly snatched up by my previous summer internship location. My first job right out of the gate was a lead designer for a high-end residential design company. As a new grad, a full-time design job was as sweet as you could hope for, so I accepted.

Since I had completed my internship there, I knew what I was getting into:

The initial visit to dream with your potential client and take measurements, coming up with the perfect floor plan, following my clients around helping them complete their selections- its everyone’s dream right? It was definitely mine in the beginning.

I. Loved. It. It was like being on DIY Network every day!

Before & After{A favorite project of mine}

But overtime, I began to realize that this was likely my final destination career-wise, unless I picked up shop and moved to a bigger city with more opportunity.  Suddenly, I began to panic, and it felt like the walls were closing in on me. Is this what I want forever?

Looking back, I realize I didn’t have to feel this way so soon.  At this moment in my life however, I didn’t know how to network (or how vital it really is to a career), I didn’t understand what you had to do to enhance your career, and I didn’t realize how important it was to go through an accredited program.  I had a four year degree and felt like I didn’t have the tools I needed to carry me through a successful career in interior design.

You might want to ask: “OK, so why didn’t you stick it out and figure out a way to improve your situation?”

Well if your asking, there were many other things that factored in to my decision to change directions:

1- The clients I were seeing on a daily basis were intelligent, successful, and they were totally making a difference in other peoples lives. I realized I wanted to be that person on the other side.  Sure, I improved someones quality of life by incorporating their first-ever dishwasher into their floor plan, but really? This wasn’t the ground breaking difference I had in mind.

2- Was I really interested in even recovering what I may have missed by not attending an accredited program? I told you about my Biology experience, not to mention the fact that I learned a thing or two about healthy eating and physical activity during my “Freshman 15” phase (no, you really can’t eat mini brownies with M&M’s on top for breakfast everyday and get away with it).  I found myself interested obsessed with food blogs, trying and creating new recieps, improving my eating habits, and achieving fitness goals.  I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but I knew my list of things I  enjoy was moving away from design and towards something else.

3- I wanted to explore my limits. I mentioned earlier that I never thought of myself as a science person, but what if I was? What if I had what it takes to conquer science and be that intelligent, successful person making a difference? What if challenging myself in high school and college was a missed opportunity for the path I was truly meant to be on?

So I began to explore my options…


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