Long Time Coming


Ta-da! It’s finally here.

I have been wanting and trying to start a blog (TwoHungryPeople anyone?…I didn’t think so.) for I don’t know how many years. The ideas have always been there, but the niche has not.

What makes me unique? I wasn’t sure before, but the answer was always right in front of my face. Literally. I mean who goes all the way through design school, gets a job, gets married, and decides to start her career all over? Ok, switching careers is all too common, but typically people don’t go from one side of the brain to the other. Granite Samples to Medical Nutrition Therapy? Interesting…

Every interview I have and every new person I meet- whats the first thing they want to talk about? Sooooooo you have an interior design degree? How the heck did you get here? Its an instant conversation starter. If for some reason they don’t have a design question, there is always a question about nutrition!

So there you have it. The Designer Dietitian. To me, a niche used to mean the space in your shower for your soap and shampoo, but now its finally my reason to blog.

This blog is about my journey from Interior Designer to Registered Dietitian, and how both somehow work together to make me a strange hybrid; even though I am still searching for my niche within my new career.  But don’t worry! I love to cook, workout, and have fun, so this will definitely be about more than my career journey. There will be recipes, tips & tricks, and maybe the occasional design question to tackle.

So Enjoy! Or don’t. I’ll be here anyways. But if you do, leave me a message! I am fascinated with all the wonderful blogs in the world and would love to hear about your blog or your favorites.


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